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Xi 'an rural tourism accommodation level is expected to promote the hotel pilot evaluation of the "star"

Date: 2013-08-27

Sorching summer to surrounding rural tourism is a lot of residents of choice, but the level of rural tourism accommodation has been uneven.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city tourism bureau that xi 'an will be for the rural tourism in the city star rating pilot work.Be clear at a glance "star" will facilitate public choice, also is expected to enhance the overall level of the xi 'an rural tourism hotel.
Xi 'an rural tourism developing rapidly in recent years, a batch of accommodation, catering, entertainment, leisure, pick a variety of functions such as large tourism complex distributed, but because of differences in tourism resources and environment, the uneven development.To encourage the development of large rural tourism hotel, "xi" an implementation scheme of the rural tourism hotel star rating "implementation details" xi 'an rural tourism hotel star rating.Provisions of rural tourism hotel opened three months (contain three months), can be in accordance with relevant provisions of the "standard" to create activities.To the district (county), development rural tourism hotel star rating team to apply for the corresponding webs.Low star for high star, star in time more than a year.
It is reported that the hotel's star rating on rural tourism to a total of six indicators, respectively is operation sites, reception facilities, environmental protection, service quality, safety management and bonus items.Rural tourism hotel according to the specific points divided into a star to the five-star five gears, the higher the star represents the better reception conditions.Evaluation criteria in particular encourage rural tourism hotel "greening area of not less than 60%, with rich rural amorous feelings" "has the flavor and the local flavor dishes", "service reception staff will be in mandarin and English service", etc.
Zhuhai will implements dynamic management for rural tourism hotel star.City rural tourism hotel evaluation committee every two years to one, two, three star classes to review the rural tourism hotel, every three years to review the four or five-star rural tourism hotel., requirements for review can not meet the standard demand rectification within a time limit.Overdue rectification is not qualified, can reduce or cancel the level.Through standardized management, to guide the healthy development of rural tourism hotel, gradually realize the city from sightseeing tourism to leisure vacationing industry development goals.