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Xi 'an hotel equipment supplies exhibition on the first day

Date: 2013-05-17

Yesterday, the 14th of xi 'an international hotel equipment supplies exhibition opens in qujiang international exhibition center, on the same day, attracted tens of thousands of people to visit.A three-day exhibition, 25 cities in China, the United States, Pakistan and other countries more than 1000 brand will be unveiled.
At the scene of the 30000 exhibition exhibits relating to the hotel.From the disinfection cabinet, soup rice catering kitchen equipment such as machine, the steamed stuffed bun, sign up at the hotel, fountains, screen, mattresses, tea sets, coffee table, tableware, etc.Robot special shaving machine with unique appearance and strong practicability, greatly saves human labor, attract a lot of people watching.In addition, the exhibition also opened the clean consultant "professional lectures, the 7th China western barista competition, high-end catering equipment series dedicated to training and dumplings festival culture area.