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Xi 'an story of old and new fusion

Date: 2013-10-02

In China can be called in the history of international metropolis city, only in xi 'an.And today's xi 'an have been doing the dream - becomes datang.In the first half of 2010, xi 'an international metropolis development strategic planning.Since then, xi 'an has a and after Beijing, Shanghai, localization of the third international metropolis, seemed reappearance "datangshengshi" a step closer.Keep those traditional life details, who is getting ready for the opening of the new dimension huge urban context, also indicates the ancient city of the one thousand ready smile ao river's lake international determination.
Travel the road of xi 'an
"West, east changan", from the starting point of the silk road east, xi 'an is ancient and modern traveler "hotels.With such through the ages in the city, a man arrived in xi 'an from the other cities, if you want to infiltrating type about ancient xian, usually live in cascading the historic downtown location, looking forward to a glorious age of tang poetry through dreams;And if thinking is a modern people, want to jump across the dust type at the same time think of ancient and modern xi 'an, so after the xianyang airport off the plane, you can directly to xi 'an high-tech zone in the south of hinterland of the shangri-la hotel in xian.On the one hand, appreciate this on behalf of the xi 'an high-tech zone and the high and new technology industry forefront western territory, with its many "first" became the most robust economic growth pole and xi 'an in shaanxi province and opening to the outside of the window;Tang dynasty city wall ruins park on the other hand, drum tower and bell tower, halal Abbey can easily reach the details of an ancient civilization.
Get to enjoy it with all your heart
Xian shangri-la is the only five-star hotel in xi 'an high-tech zone CBD.4000 square meters of outdoor garden in the high-tech zone of skyscrapers like a chess game in the "gas" and "eye", "live" on both sides of the chess form of a mouthful of "gas".Xian xian shangri-la became the only company have a large garden hotel.This piece of pure and fresh and soft garden was too tempting for used to guest accommodation life, early in the morning or in the evening, jogging shoes, with a running map provided by the hotel, through the grass and trees and winding paths and a little water.
Outdoor garden dining area, attached to the only company in xian by Thailand Thai restaurant chef manages it, the romantic place is xi 'an famous legend to marry him.Hotel market media manager Ruby told me that the proposed here success rate is 100%.During the hotel experience, we saw the imagination and moving scenes of reality version: elegant margin of a pair of young people, to understand the usual hard-earned money and time, do some stage in life and enjoy the most appropriate planning.
Ace the guide in the hotel
Food and history is as a famous tourist city's most prominent advantage in xian, Ruby said actually xian shangri-la guests the most intimate place also has two: one is the hotel buffet breakfast hu hot soup, manual oil spilt, jujube paste, at the end of the egg pancake, meat clip buns, etc are very authentic shanxi snack;Second is the best hotel "guide" Penny - xian shangri-la hotel front office manager tour guide."The position in the domestic high-end hotel industry is very rare."
During the media group experience though can't see a Penny, but learned the trump card "guide" from the mouth of the Ruby in addition to a large number of learning history records, also often go to museums and old streets surrounding the collect related legends and local conditions and customs, the interpretation of all of these make her more vivid, professional and full of fun.With many years of experience, she also summarizes tailored for different customers and family is the most suitable for their most attractive travel plans.
"Annual winter, she help guests down jacket and delicious cold dishes, created a safe and feasible routes, then all the way to assist, let a British old man in cold day they visited the museum of qin shihuang terracotta warriors."