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The Shanxi Wenyuan Hotel (Shaanxi Wenyuan Dajiudian) is located in downtown Xi'an,  within easy reach of the Drum Tower and Bell Tower. It is especially convenient to the city's Muslim quarter with a nightly street market located right outside. Rooms in this Xi'an hotel come completed with video-on-demand system and internet access.Diners will find both Chinese and Western dishes on the menu at the on-site dining outlets.[View Detail]

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  • selan
    Location between Bell, very lively at night, walking two or three minutes to the Muslim snack Street convenient cargo travel. room equipment is too old, poor facilities, the price is high.
  • Jenny.W
    Location is good, when you check out, there was a little uncomfortable
  • princely1999
    Convenient shopping tours
  • bplove
    Hotel location is very good, convenient travel. but have older facilities, air conditioning is not working, opening the window is noisy.
  • jeawon1981
    Location very good, hotel is a bit old, but it could be
  • noap003
    Overall, from the Bell Tower and drum tower tighten, but bad sound effects, affect the rest of the downstairs talking loudly.
  • SW ET Swastika
    Hotel location is Center, in Tower and drum Zhijian, away from Huis Street is near, but hotel is old, room is small, especially bathroom, shower of location is small, bed also is small, only a meters wide. Huis Street mess, eat of things also on as! from airport to hotel, 30 several km, 2.25 Yuan each km, taxi of table actually playing to 139 Yuan, sat in front of husband found he put hand put in remember fee device Shang, table on will jumped 10 Yuan! Hey, Xian of progress is unlikely toAh!
  • jeffery_0815
    The transportation is very convenient, close to the Muslim snack Street, snack a lot.
  • ctops
    Location is very good, go out the Metro and Muslim snack Street, the hotel is a bit old, but very quiet.
  • gaoxiang01
    Gold is the location of the hotel, where convenient, eat more convenient, they go out the Muslim snack Street. but hotel facilities are old and a bath full of water, poor soundproofing, talking in the next room, open doors know. said next year the decoration, as well, should be integrated quite high.
  • ben0513
    Good location, Hui from the drum tower Street near WiFi signal in the room is not good, facilities are old and the redecorating.
  • amandalo
    Nice City Center is behind Hui Jie naozhongqujing
  • iexjc
    Decoration, air conditioning very noisy. convenient, from the Muslim street close.
  • opxiapengpeng
    Overall OK, main is next to the Muslim snack Street, really good location, convenient transportation.
  • lindababyas
    No large Windows inside the room, a corridor only a small window may be clear we did not inquire when you book online, you must ask for the window required, the rooms are a bit small, but the location is good, Metro station is the clock tower, was behind Muslim snack Street
  • e01862366
    Very convenient
  • lao xu
    Bed was too small
  • banniaf
    Location very good
  • amy.wong
    Location is very convenient, rooms are a little small, facilities a bit old, but the high season prices are reasonable
  • fuban
    We live the business floor double room, although the room was small, but clean and have sent two bottles of water every day, hotel close to the drum tower square, Muslim Street, golden century, whether traveling, shopping, viewing is eating very convenient. insufficient network of some slow, some air conditioning.
  • leeyeetao
    Facilities are old and out of the rain, no hot air air conditioning in the room, never even in the bath of cold washes.
  • oldtree000
    From Muslim street very close to, the condition is also very good
  • concea
    Nice drink around all night night market, the hotel very quiet!
  • xinran0428
    Easy, fast, and core area
  • paomoy
    Hotel room facilities
  • e00014318
    Hotel location is very good, Super near the clock tower from Muslim Street, commercial buildings inside the courtyard, quiet, is the small room, small bed.
  • flysand
    Hotels in Bell Tower, drum tower, beside Muslim snack Street, shopping is very convenient, free environment well.
  • goldenwy
    Rooms are small, depressed these days is not to turn on the air conditioner, room has no Windows, the air was hot and stuffy, never ordered, and to design an impersonal, we both want to find a plug is not
  • carlos_cv50
    Location is very good, eat, from the ancient city walls near
  • tangfang324
    Free upgrade of the room, around next to the golden century, the Bell Tower, kaiyuanshangcheng, very convenient, local old facilities, health is very good, travel is a good choice
  • cimsyang
    Hotel location good, bathroom too small, nozzle bad with, to children bath too trouble. must to said of is breakfast, with children on in Hotel single buy of breakfast, 30 adult, not to a meters of baby actually charges 20, I head once see received children breakfast fee of, and breakfast Super garbage, even milk are no, things eat didn't has on not again continued, recommends everyone do don't again this hotel single buy breakfast.
  • dongdiwen
    Business building, very quiet, air-conditioning problem. from the Muslim street close, go out and then take a bus, just next to the drum tower
  • liyanwei007
    Location Super praise, Tower, drum, Huis Street on in next, are is Xian of landmarks sex location, out has door on has bus station, to South go is city wall, to which are convenient. room in to in go of yard in of floor in, absolute is make in the take static of good place, out is downtown, door is can quiet rest of residence, selected a location convenience of hotel absolute can to travel of trip graces many. hotel service is good of, basic are is responsive. stronglyRecommend.
  • auby1984
    Geographical position good, between the Bell Tower and drum tower, convenient subway public transportation intersection. near the Moslem small restaurant, eating is also very convenient. shower a little small, but the price is cheap. facilities a bit old, the service is still warm,
  • rain886
    General location is not very good, don't even have a air conditioning electric fan
  • gaolibus
    Very satisfied, to choose this hotel next time.
  • magicdora
    Location is very good, in busy Bell and drum tower square, the price is worth it, service is also in place, because of the hotel room set out the problems, free up suite, that what's wrong with changing attitude worthy of recognition.
  • junga
    Location next to the Muslim snack Street, ready to go to the Muslim snack Street a big meal ... but parking is difficult to find.
  • aoieongcat
    Also, there's so much easier, just beside the Muslim snack Street, right next door, hustle out of hospital, the hospital is very quiet
  • boolo
    Hotel room difference
  • jimbo1782
    Give parents a predetermined, the old couple to play in XI ' an, this lovely Bell Tower there. want to eat, from Muslim Street, West, a 5-minute walk, sheep-to play, only a 20-minute walk from the ancient city walls. rental the big wild goose pagoda and other attractions are within easy reach. hotel travel day trips are also very good. to sum up, the couple also good.
  • steven333
    Great location close out Muslim snack Street Bell Tower and drum tower 20 meters there are time-honored with shengxiang paomo worth recommending! again Xian must still enter here
  • felicialong
    Health General
  • Geneva
    Also, downtown, close to the same shengxiang steamed, drum tower and Bell Tower, downstairs is a Muslim snack Street
  • liruiwumin
    Very old hotel, near the drum tower, traffic can. very old
  • amesv
    Very good location, just next to the drum tower, go out the subway. room was small, as temporary accommodation.
  • sabareesam
    Location is convenient
  • alest1984
    Truly speaking, this hotel is good, go out the Muslim snack Street, but the facilities at the hotel is old, beds a bit small, hard, sleeping a bit uncomfortable, others can also
  • fenyfeng
    Hotels in gulou square, great location, out of 20 meters is the Muslim snack Street, my family likes to go shopping; the service is in place, although some outdated facilities, but clean very clean every day, give the feeling of a good, Miss front desk staff were very friendly and the room, call, give the feeling of home away from home.
  • norman_wei
    Nice, very good location