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The Shanxi Wenyuan Hotel (Shaanxi Wenyuan Dajiudian) is located in downtown Xi'an,  within easy reach of the Drum Tower and Bell Tower. It is especially convenient to the city's Muslim quarter with a nightly street market located right outside. Rooms in this Xi'an hotel come completed with video-on-demand system and internet access.Diners will find both Chinese and Western dishes on the menu at the on-site dining outlets.[View Detail]

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  • gaoxiang01
    Gold is the location of the hotel, where convenient, eat more convenient, they go out the Muslim snack Street. but hotel facilities are old and a bath full of water, poor soundproofing, talking in the next room, open doors know. said next year the decoration, as well, should be integrated quite high.
  • E01911772
    Which is very nice
  • Jenny.W
    Location is good, when you check out, there was a little uncomfortable
  • pussycat
    Hotel is a bit poor, others are good
  • liyanwei007
    Location Super praise, Tower, drum, Huis Street on in next, are is Xian of landmarks sex location, out has door on has bus station, to South go is city wall, to which are convenient. room in to in go of yard in of floor in, absolute is make in the take static of good place, out is downtown, door is can quiet rest of residence, selected a location convenience of hotel absolute can to travel of trip graces many. hotel service is good of, basic are is responsive. stronglyRecommend.
  • banniaf
    Location very good
  • creatnews
    Convenient location, is the Muslim snack street of the diet are not used.
  • Oscarv
    Room was very small, mainly near the Muslim street in XI ' an city centre location, price/performance is not high
  • gie1211
    Xian live every time you come here, the transportation is convenient, near the Bell Tower station, next to the Muslim snack Street
  • e01862366
    Very convenient
  • coolpopop
    Conveniently, Metro Tower c is, on the edge of Muslim snack Street, 50 metres! hotel on the edge of two old, Xian snacks, testimonials, zero distance! business building, room, rooms, located in the downtown area, is relatively quiet at night, bathroom a little small! the only thing, wife signal often fails, hope to improve
  • bjrat
    The good location of the hotel, and free parking. room conditions can be, is the room is half underground, a little tide.
  • e00122165
    It wasn't too bad
  • lxericlu
    Hotel is located near the Bell Tower, Muslim snack Street went out, free parking, convenient.
  • e02124007
    Hotel location is very good, out of the gate is the clock tower square, right is the Muslim snack Street, bus stop, subway station, less than 200 meters, is located in the downtown area, but also from external interference is very quiet at night, good hotel, next to living here.
  • nice_ming
    Services and facilities are good buy room bed quite hard later changed the better room
  • RiverRun
  • ilily7
    Small bed
  • Geneva
    Also, downtown, close to the same shengxiang steamed, drum tower and Bell Tower, downstairs is a Muslim snack Street
  • jeawon1981
    Location very good, hotel is a bit old, but it could be
  • cjj111709
    Generally, bedding not very clean, sort of tide
  • fssujy
    Bed was too narrow
  • allan_tao
    Hotel location is very good, right between the Bell Tower and drum tower, was very close to Muslim snack Street. the subway, public transportation is very convenient. room hot water very well, take a hot bath to eliminate the day's fatigue. live for four days.
  • lijiafeng0012
    Great location, Bell and drum tower, Hui Street on the edge of travel more convenient. hotel services is also good. is the bed in the room, a little bit smaller. mattress isn't too soft and fell asleep too made my.
  • lp8858
    Too old
  • glwmm
    Good location, easily accessible, in the city center, go here.
  • david lee
    It's not bad
  • dingding1123
    Absolute is make in the take static of good place, than Qian a late as home shortcut (tower north shop) good too more has. one; location like home better, more by Tower, regardless of had underground channel also is took Metro are very convenient, to Huis Xiang snacks out hotel door turn on to. second; price like home high 20 Yuan not to, but Wen Yuan is Samsung Ah, as home and Wen Yuan not a grade Ah. its three; location more lively, but Wen Yuan is is not noisy. absolute can rest better. its four; Hotel mentionFor of bathing dew and wash sent dew are is supermarket of big bottled. floating soft papaya bathing dew, than up most hotel of unknown brand good many, most at least can with, many hotel of I has never can't with. Wen Yuan let I not too satisfaction of is bathroom small, and wet and dry cannot separation, shower wash finished basic health between ground on full wet has, wear one-time slippers again into bathroom soon feet on wet has. have ages to dry. but for out more convenience and can rest good, has is secondary of has.There is a little hotel in the kettle are provided plastic instead of stainless steel.
  • ygyly10
    Facility slightly old, but does not affect the use, the disadvantage is that the soundproofing of the rooms is too bad (perhaps confined to windowless room?), vocals, as well as the TV next door clearly, travel with children do not recommend.
  • diegoal86
    Location is very good, very old facilities.
  • felicialong
    Health General
  • cccc021129
    Convenience, the environment can be!
  • flysand
    Hotels in Bell Tower, drum tower, beside Muslim snack Street, shopping is very convenient, free environment well.
  • lifecon
    Clean and convenient
  • lilyli0615
    Staff not very patient, outdated facilities, location is central but very noisy, bathroom was really can't say much, particularly small, that's worth the price
  • bo6153
    WiFi hurts, the rest are pretty good, especially the Muslims next night market, GuaGua!
  • fengjing-1919
    Go to Xian, here is a very good choice, very close to the train station, the bus to the airport just across the dock, go out the drum tower, night fantastic, turn is the Muslim snack Street, food does not say you understand
  • misale
    Near the clock tower, Muslim Street, shopping more convenient. car park around to the back, and central air conditioning shut down, more stuffy.
  • mosad
    Central area, no hotel facilities, convenient, next to the Huimin district. Hotel does not sound.
  • d3209820503
    Hotel between the Bell Tower and drum tower square, and convenient transportation. but the attention of car parking behind the hotel. 10 m to one traffic light North of tower to the West, then South into the alley. I went to the drum tower results into the crowd. drums downstairs is the Muslim snack Street, convenient to eat too.
  • orguss
    Nice location, yesterday because of the rain is not heating up, so it was a bit cold, others are satisfied
  • to-ny
    Great location
  • Abc911 du
    Bad! bad environment, room good. is bad, no change, waited for a long time, just a trim, and are afraid to put my luggage in my room during the day and sleep at night scary. sheets are wet, don't change! there is less accommodation than that experience?
  • jiangyang1987
    Previous reviews was wrong, this is a good hotel, very unique
  • jimmy_ypc
    Hotel in the district, next to the street, near transportation nodes, the shop is in the static, suitable leisure accommodation, next time go live.
  • apooll
    Good location for visiting downtown sightseens Standard for Suite Room not exactly what was expected, but acceptable.
  • as132
    Very good location, between the Bell Tower and drum tower. rooms are clean, reception is very good ... worth it! traffic is very convenient subway public transportation is very convenient. There is a large square in front, and nights lively. Muslim snack Street, luomashi, walk away.
  • idancer
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  • bobocool80
    Quiet hotel, is very comfortable, but hotel facilities are too old, the quality of service needs to be improved, to mosquito Leng for half an hour to bring it to
  • justmelily
    Good location, can also